Tony Jeffries Connect: A turnkey solution that enables you to immediately offer the best, digitally delivered boxing fitness classes to your gym.

The World’s #1 Boxing Fitness brand Box N Burn, now offers you the best boxing fitness classes for your business

Digitally programmed and delivered to you by the Box N Burn team of experts and coaches, Tony Jeffries Connect programs offer you a consistent boxing class schedule that is packed with the best, dynamic boxing fitness classes for your facility, alongside our comprehensive trainer education, full marketing support and all your equipment needs covered.

Adding and running successful boxing fitness classes is now here with Tony Jeffries Connect.

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Your Boxing Fitness Classes

  • Boxing is now one of the leading fitness trends across the world.
  • Any workout or fitness class can make your members tired, Box N Burn classes will make them better.
  • 9 Unique group classes programmed & delivered to you every week.
  • Authentic, non-contact boxing fitness workouts for all levels and abilities
  • Eliminate the stress of having to format & program your own classes, rely on the experts and leaders in the boxing fitness space to deliver proven, systemized classes for you, week in week out.
  • Focus your time & energy on building relationships, your community and growing your business.
  • Easy to manage, hassle free
  • Keep your team motivated to coach
  • Immediately offer something new for your members
  • Positively impact your community and watch your business grow


Box N Burn is here to help you every step of the way.

Your extensive marketing materials package supports a successful launch and helps you grow an excited and loyal member base by elevating your gym and its new boxing fitness offerings.

You will have access to:

Marketing Materials

Our customizable, promotional materials templates will help generate excitement within your member base and fitness community. We’ll provide sales scripts and physical marketing assets for your facility including our marketing and best practices guides.

Email Marketing

Tony Jeffries Connect provides you with the most effective, customizable email funnel templates including: newcomer emails, follow-up email templates, class schedule emails, boxing technique tips, value emails for your members and even class incentive emails to help spread the word about your boxing fitness program.

Social Media

Social media is for showing your new fitness class offerings! Our social media marketing templates and scheduling guides keep your social feed stocked with boxing-oriented ideas meant for sharing.

All your equipment needs are covered

Everlast Partnership

  • Everlast is a premier brand and the world’s leading manufacturer, marketing, and licensor of boxing equipment. It’s the brand of choice for boxers everywhere, including everyone from amateurs to legendary champions.
  • Your initial starter pack includes Everlast heavy bags, focus mitts, hand wraps, and boxing gloves. It’s all of the equipment necessary to get started with boxing fitness classes immediately.
  • Additional equipment needs can easily be met through our Everlast partnership’s wholesale account. Boost your boxing equipment and provide for your members as classes grow with products purchased at cost.
  • Not only is your equipment supplied by Everlast, but you can count on it to last a lifetime as well. All of your equipment will be serviced by Everlast for the duration of your license.

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